That Kiss

All I wanted was a day with her – but I got more than that.

I got numerous lovely laughters, a couple of cute smiles, and a bit of a sensual kiss.

That bit of a kiss that unraveled the repressed feelings of wanting to kiss her.

That bit of kiss that unlocked the hushed passion of wanting to feel her lips against mine.

That bit of kiss that loosened the tension of wanting to feel her breath inside my mouth.

I stopped beside her house, as I always do, to drop her off.

“I hope my family’s not home… Ah they’re not home!” says she.

I pull over and go into a full stop. Turn on my hazard, pull up my hand break, and put my clutch to a neutral gear.


Our faces started to approach each other’s when I suddenly feel her soft lips enveloping my lower lip; my hand touching her ear, down to her neck, and then playing around with the hair at the back of her head. As her gentle tongue slowly enters my mouth, I bite her lower lip delicately, sexually. Sucking her succulent lower lip, I motion my hand to touch her face, her neck, her arms. I remove my seatbelt, turn off my headlights, and went back to making out with her.

She lets out a playful laugh and starts touching my hair. She was slowly moving her body to my side of the car and I let out a sigh as I catch my breath inside her mouth.

“You’re never leaving this car tonight.”

She smiles, laughs out sexily, and starts to pull my head towards her. Her tongue was all over my mouth and my lips were sucking hers. I lean towards the passenger seat and put my hand to her waist. I was reaching for her back but I realized I wanted to just linger in holding her waist while I was giving her a kiss.

“Okay. Goodbye. Hahaha.”

But we just can’t get enough of each other. We went back to the cycle of sucking each other’s tongues and lips and caressing each other’s faces, necks, and anything that we could lay our hands on.

I give out a big sigh. “Okay. Good bye now.”

I asked her if she left anything in my car. Made her check her things, asked if she has her jacket, while I was staring at her beautiful face and fixing her bangs.

“All good.”

We smiled at each other, both with eyes saying, “I wish it could’ve gone on longer.”

“Okay. Bye!”

She gives me a hard smack before she stepped out of my car that could be interpreted as, “I’d kiss you again and again and again, unendingly, if this weren’t a public place.”

And that bit of a kiss left me wanting for more.


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