Memories are these powerful things that hold us down with what we are today. Without these memories, the past wouldn’t have been colorful and you wouldn’t have been what you are today. With that said, I believe all of us should be thankful of whatever happened to us in the past – if we ever got hurt, got bullied, or got our hearts broken.

You should be thankful for having experienced bullying.

That kid who used to push you around the school playground, that kid who used to ask for your lunch, leaving you hungry the whole day, that kid who would copy your homework and would willfully not give it back to you just because s/he feels like doing so – be thankful to them because you have experienced troubles in your early life. You have experienced resentment, anger, and hatred but at the same time you have learned to forgive them. At the early stage of your life you have been endowed with the ability to forgive people. I am not saying that one should be passive but the capability of forgiving people is not an easy task as understanding and tolerance are not for everyone. The bullying you have experienced is probably a blessing as you now know what not to do to people if you don’t want to hurt them and be hated by them their whole lives.

You should be thankful for having experienced being broke.

If you haven’t experienced being broke (even just a bit), then you haven’t experienced life. You will never know how to spend money until you have nothing left. That phase of your life when you don’t have sufficient cash for your needs will definitely strike you hard in your head and will teach you how to handle money the next time you have it. You should now be able to think of how to properly utilize your money rather than how to spend it!

You should be thankful for that person who broke your heart.

Personally, I look up to people who have experienced real heartache. The way you pick yourself up after s/he left you in pieces and having your heart feeling shattered is a sure fire way of getting to know yourself better. There is also always a certain level of maturity that you reach every time you experience your heart being wrenched down by someone that used to matter a lot to you – and you used to matter to him/her too. Be thankful to whoever crushed your heart because you are now stronger – stronger in the sense that the next time this kind of heartache happens in your life, you will know what to do and you now know better than to mope around and stop dealing with life. You have developed your own hobbies and identified the things that actually make you happy. You have realized that you don’t need someone to complete you. You are now independent and self-sufficient. You are the better version of yourself.

You should be thankful for those who took you for granted.

There are people who don’t know your worth. Thanks to them, you had to find the things you are best at and hone your natural skills. You excel, outshine, and outdo everyone else. You now know your actual worth and won’t let just anyone step on you. The next time someone puts you to the sidelines you know better than to just stand there and observe what they do when in fact you can create an output that’s so much better. You will now allow yourself to showcase your capabilities and make them realize how much worth you mean to them.

You should be thankful for anything that has molded you into what you are today.

Do not put the blame into others for whatever happened – or didn’t happen – to you. You should always see the good side in everything and always view the glass half-full. The key to happiness is how you see each and every single event in your life as a pivotal moment of an opportunity to be a better person. We should never think that attaining bliss is a ten-foot pole plight. We are given unlimited chances in life to be the better versions of ourselves but if we still think that, as of now, we are not what we want to be, then that just means there’s still an ample room for improvement. We should now be able to fight myriad battles for ourselves because that is also a process of self-development. With all the unfortunate events that have happened to us before, we should ask these things to ourselves whenever we feel outraged – what did I gain from this? How do I prevent this from happening again? What is the good thing that happened in spite of these problems? How do I turn this event around into a good encounter? What should I be grateful for? Instead of resenting someone and regretting the events in your life, learn how to evaluate and move on from these (unfortunate) events.

So, what about you? What are you thankful for?


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