Parallax Error, Disagreements, and How to Avoid Them

Do you remember the words parallax error from way back you were still studying science? Parallax error is the defined as, “An apparent change in the direction of an object, caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight.”[1] In Layman’s terms, it is when you see something differently from varying angles. For example, a glass of water looks differently from the top view and from the side view. Additionally, a car’s headlights would look dissimilar from different angles. Things look differently from almost every angle of a single thing. If one individual would look at something differently from where you are seeing it, you will most probably have differing opinions on it.

You see, people develop misunderstandings, which later progress to arguments, through differences in opinion and view of things. You will probably not have a successful relationship with someone you have differing views and values in life with. That is the reason why you acquire friends, or even best friends, that you never pick fights with because you have the same understanding of how life should be. Running relationships is quite tricky, as you need to see everything eye-to-eye. You should always see to it that you always have the same points of reference so as you will be on the same page.

There is a reason why the origin (0,0) is defined in the coordinate plane. It is where everything starts so there will be uniformity in the units of distance. It is to avoid miscalculations in the given coordinates of a line or a graph or a figure – we would know where to start counting from. So how do we avoid inaccuracies in our own lives and relationships? Simple – always try to put your feet in the shoes of the other person/s. Do your best to understand his belief in things from his own point of view. Avoid achieving parallax error, as it will only constitute to a variation in opinions, which will be the cause of disagreement/s. Everything should be seen in the same level of view so everything would be seen from point A to point Z evenly.

[1] Definition obtained from


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