6 Things You Should Never Have To Settle For In A Relationship

Someone once told me, “Never settle.”

Thought Catalog

Daniela BrownDaniela Brown

1. Always being the person who initiates everything. It sounds like common sense that if the other person isn’t ever putting in the effort to see you, the relationship is being forced and one-sided, but sometimes the most basic things need to be reiterated. Just as you want to see them, they should want to at least indicate that they’d like to see you — and if they’re just so chill that they don’t mind it either way, there’s a problem. There’s nothing inherently bad with wanting to be wanted, so long as that desire is mutual.

2. Feeling like you’re being guilted into everything. Conversely, if you feel like you’re being smothered or like you don’t have any breathing room of your own, that’s only going to breed a lot of resentment. Here’s the thing, though: unless you talk to the other person about your need…

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