16 Things That Prove You Are Clearly Way Too Afraid Of Commitment

Meh, so much feels (not for me).

Thought Catalog

1. People will try to make advance plans with you and your first reaction is no thank you and your second is, can I let you know 2 hours before this thing is going to start if I’ll be there or not?

2. Some people are such fervent planners that they can commit to things months in advance. That’s insane to you. You don’t even know who you’ll be tomorrow, never mind if you’ll be actually excited to do something that 2-month-ago-you decided would be fun.

3. There’s a couple of choice people you will always commit to plans with no matter how far in advance they are. They could be five years in advance and if these 2-3 people will be there, so will you. You hold onto these precious rare breeds of people with the ferocity of a thousand hungry lions.

4. Needless to say, you’ve been single…

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