4 Steps To Finding The Person You Should Be With

Thought Catalog

image - Unsplash / Austin Ban image – Unsplash / Austin Ban

Step 1. You need to love yourself.

I realize how incredibly cheesy this may sound, but it is absolutely true. Once you start seeing yourself for who you are, fixing the not so great parts and dwelling on the wonderful parts, you will be ready to have someone in your life. When you dwell on the negative, ex. “I’m too fat, I don’t deserve anyone,” “I’m not pretty enough,” “Nobody wants to be with me anyway,” nothing good will come of this type of thinking. Figure out all the cool, loveable parts of who you are and someone will notice. Do what you enjoy and get out there. YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!

Step 2. Set standards and don’t settle.

You aren’t with the person you should be with because you are settling for every Bob, Sue, Jack, Lisa who struts along your path. These are…

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