The 7 Days Of Instagram

NOTED! Hahahaha

Thought Catalog

What day is it? Wait, don’t tell me. Let me check my Instagram.

1. Monday: #mcm (#mancrushmonday)

Glorious, glorious Mondays. That feeling when you hit snooze five times, roll out of bed, check your phone, and see all your friends post their obnoxious #mcm. But for us single ladies (shoutout to Queen B), we’re in luck. We can just post a collage of our ten favorite aesthetically-pleasing guy celebrities. I’ll even start it for you: Ryan Gosling, Taylor Lautner, Matthew McConaughey….

2. Tuesday: #transformationtuesday

Before and after. Ta-da! But we all know that we’re much cuter when we were babies. I mean, who can resist those chubby cheeks? Darn it, I guess we have to grow up one of these days. Sorry, but Peter Pan only exists in movies. #realitystrikes

3. Wednesday: #wcw (womancrushwednesday)

If you don’t have an SO, might as well post a pic of your favorite girl…

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