This Is How To Live

“Everybody dies but not everybody lives.”

Don’t let yourself get lost in translation. With every mistake done is a corresponding eureka moment to your own life. Discover your life and yourself and things will just fall into place.

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / botterli image – Flickr / botterli

In every mind is a way to survive—a practical system to conquer life’s constant trials, a scheme, a plan, some way to extend each and every one’s being in the world. In every strategy is a motivation. In every motivation is a goal. In every goal is a priority. And in this priority, we vary. Most people like to think they have it right—their priorities. But it is mostly in this little object that these people encounter their first failure, an unseen bomb that will later shatter a seemingly perfect life.

Knowing ourselves takes time. We are confusions all to ourselves. One can’t always be sure of what he wants. And this is where the existence of our so-called “God” comes to life.

This is when we let go of the wheel of life and hand it over to fate. This is when we let…

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