Running vs. Sprinting

Running and sprinting are two different things. While they both use the same muscle groups, the difference lies in the speed.

In running, there is no determined speed to be classified as a run. You typically go at a speed that causes you to breathe heavier and break a sweat. You use your muscles in accordance to your body’s condition and on how you would want them to work. Basically, you have control. Running is running, accelerating is accelerating, and decelerating is decelerating. You do anything at your own pace. You have more control of yourself and your body.

Sprinting is a more powerful, faster form of running that can only be performed in short spurts. When someone sprints, he maintains his full speed for the entire run. That is why sprinting is done in only a limited amount of time. True, it burns calories easier than the typical running. But for the calm runner, he would enjoy the feeling of the air brushing through his face.

The next time I try to figure out what cardiovascular activity to do, I’m sure I would go for running. It may not be as fast, as intense, or as badass as sprinting, but I’m sure I would relish the run. If I get to spend more time running, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable for me? I wouldn’t want to sprint my way to the finish line. I’d like to take my time and enjoy the marathon as long as there is one. Or maybe it would be more enjoyable if you were with me cause I’d love to run with you, time and time again.


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