I Could’ve Loved You, But You Wouldn’t Let Me

Yep, timing isn’t everything. Also, from someone really special to me, “Never settle.” You should know your worth (always!) and always be a reacher. Love yourself. You deserve only the best for you!

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image - Flickr / Khánh Hmoong image – Flickr / Khánh Hmoong

What started as a friends-with-benefits situation evolved into a non-relationship. And, now? No relationship at all. Here is the story of why I chose to leave my non-boyfriend and why it still hurts to say that.

Sometimes the timing is off. Sure, you’ve met an ideal guy or gal—physically attractive, smart, who actually enjoys your company, and makes you a better person. And, they think the same about you. However, time, distance, past and future decisions, or any combination of the three gets in the way.

Here’s my story:

He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me. Although we didn’t have the same interests, we took the time to enjoy each other’s interests and what we liked to do. I could spend hours just talking with him. I listened to every outrageous story he had at the end of the day, and he…

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