How To Find Happiness (Even If It Only Lasts A Little While)

“Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, but don’t let your anxious thoughts keep dragging you backward to a place of negativity. It’s not healthy or productive.”

Thought Catalog

Anxiety often emerges in the late teen years, and sometimes it makes quite an entrance. Mine had me crying in bathroom stalls over nothing and slumping down onto my kitchen floor, heart pounding, too panicky to make a bowl of cereal.

I happened to seek counseling during the beginning of the mindfulness movement, which manifested itself in the form of a meditation class at our campus wellness center. Along with eight other anxious students, I learned the incredibly simple philosophies of mindfulness and how easy it is to work in ten minutes of meditation every day. More importantly, we learned that being mindful is less about meditation and more about choosing to be present in every moment of life. It’s such a small commitment. All nine of us saw amazing improvements in the three months we were attending. I made a friend in the class and he and I kept…

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